Sunset, Ponte Vecchio, Florence


28 thoughts on “Sunset, Ponte Vecchio, Florence

  1. I wish my memory of the Ponte Veccio were this lovely. Only place I’ve EVER had my pocket picked. Wallet, passport, visa… Other than that, I loved it…and i loved Florence. Next time I’m swept away by the beauty on the bridge, I’ll clutch my belongings. πŸ™‚

  2. Hello,
    I really like to travel thanks to your blog !!
    Just because I hope others might also discover your beautiful blog, I’ve nominated you for the Genuine Blogger Award.

  3. timing is everything don’t you think? beautiful color Tania
    here’s the news Tania…are ready??? you are in the last few degrees of Aries (29,54) in the 11th house; have a Taurus Moon in the 9th house; and Gemini rising

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