Monkeys, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Medusa, Halloween 2015



At London Zoo myself and the team always dress up for our work day at Halloween and this year I decided to create a Medusa costume. I did some research and most liked an idea I found on this site

I adapted it and, although I think Angie’s is better, I liked the result. I wore a cobra morph suit underneath a metallic skirt and boots and did green make-up with gems – it looked quite futuristic. The kids at the Zoo loved it and I think it added to the atmosphere of their visit.

I made the frame around my head with garden wire and stitched on a green necklace ‘trim’. I covered it with black felt. I then used Tubular Crinoline for the snake bodies ( ), and threaded them onto protruding wires. The snake heads were cut out of a car sponge which I sprayed with gold and black spray paint. I stuck on red gems for the eyes and pushed them onto the wires, stitching the crin to the foam to make them more secure.

Here’s some pictures of the headpiece in progress and then the final costume with my colleagues at work then the after party:











Hope you all had a great Halloween!!

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