Curious Merchandise At The Witches Market, La Paz, Bolivia

One of the more unusual market stalls you will stumble upon in La Paz is the Witches market, filled with all sorts of unsavoury curiosities – bizarre,  fascinating and disturbing –  used for ritual offerings and spells. Llama foetus’s feature prominently, as shown above, cast amongst the lotions and potions, necks tied with shoe-laces. A wild cat was hung up with wire which made me feel quite sad – such a beautiful creature reduced to such an undignified and immoral end – and wicker baskets filled to overflowing with dried frogs, their bulging eyes staring out in never-ending panic. These sights were horrifying but captivating – I’d never seen anything like it….


30 thoughts on “Curious Merchandise At The Witches Market, La Paz, Bolivia

  1. We find this in South Africa a lot, and it does disturb as some of our beautiful animals like the leopard is killed to the brink of extinction…………a bizarre yet fascinating culture. Great photo !!!
    Greetings Shari

    • Thanks Shari! Yes it seems such a waste and for what?? Money….magic….medicinal….malice….culture / religion? It can never be worth a whole species being driven to extinction….I wish everyone could see that!

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