Crazy-Beautiful Flowers, Kew Gardens

Just as a side-note, I don’t know if I was just horny, but I was seeing a lot of genitalia in Kew Gardens that day. Fortunately not that of the visitors but in the organic forms of plants and flowers. Which makes sense I suppose – that they’d have their reproductive bits on display, I mean. This flower is no exception – simply gagging for pollination.

Nature never fails to seduce me….


20 thoughts on “Crazy-Beautiful Flowers, Kew Gardens

  1. Tania, I was thinking the same thing even before I read your dialog. But I have to admit they are very beautiful. Would love to grow some in my yard. Wish my garden areas were bigger because I am always finding new things I want to plant.

    • Haha, yes we must have similar minds! I very much appreciate the beauty of plants and yet if I try to grow them I always manage to kill them…..mostly through neglect. Apparently, just admiring their beauty alone will not keep them alive 😉

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