Lovely Leaf On A Sunny Day, Kew Gardens, London




40 thoughts on “Lovely Leaf On A Sunny Day, Kew Gardens, London

  1. Oh Wow! Looks sculpted and pin sharp throughout. A stunning shot, Tania. Speaking as a bit of a perfectionist I think I would use the spot healing brush to eliminate those two tiny yellow blemishes Lt hand side. Because the image is otherwise so perfect they just catch my eye. But Bravo – one of your best.

    • Thank you!! I think you are absolutely right, thank you for suggesting it. If I ever get it printed I will do this because, as you say, it is a shame to have distraction from the leafs otherwise flawless form and colour πŸ™‚

  2. I admire your eye for seeing this wonderful artwork in this leaf – and capturing it in a great photo. So beautiful. And very inspiring for us, who would probably never have discovered this………….

  3. Kew Gardens is one of my favorite parks close to where i grew up-Mortlake. My Mum used to take me and my sister there once a week when we were little. Lovely shot of the leaf by the way πŸ™‚

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