Lush Woodland After The Rain


10 thoughts on “Lush Woodland After The Rain

    • There’s nothing better than being surrounded by all this green with the smell of the rain and all the textures….when the sunlight shines through the leaves they glow and to me it feels beautiful to be in the middle of it all…..I hope it is not brown over there too much longer!!

  1. Lovely deep green! Looks like the wood around here, but not as green as usual as Sheila T stated. Indiana and Michigan butt up against each other, we are drought stricken…

    • Ah why thank you dear John, so very kind of you to find me worthy of this honour….you are One Lovely Chap! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Friday to you and I shall get on this soon as, I am so very behind on this award business!!

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