Discarded Prayer Flags And Distant Mountains, Nepal


17 thoughts on “Discarded Prayer Flags And Distant Mountains, Nepal

    • Thank you. It’s funny you should say it because I am feeling a bit down right now and as I looked through my photographs I identified with this one; I think in a way it epitomises how I feel right now. I don’t know what I mean entirely but I suddenly valued it a lot more than I had before because I think there’s real symbolism in it…..

  1. Thank you, Tania. I too have been feeling down. I felt something similar looking at this remarkable photo. A sadness perhaps. A sense of something essential having been lost or killed or forsaken. A kind of godforsakenness…and yet…there are those mountains and the vastness of the skyand those beautiful clouds that are what they are no matter what happens in our little brains and schemes and dreams and hopes and lives and dying. I’m jabbering. I should have just agreed with kenneturner – “The feelings generated from this image lose something in words.”

    • Oh but the flags look beautiful strewn everywhere – they add such a spectacular visual element to the landscape and of course they are spiritual……very interesting πŸ˜‰ Thank you

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