Beach Oddities #4, Albufeira, Portugal

This one's got to be barnacles, right?!


11 thoughts on “Beach Oddities #4, Albufeira, Portugal

  1. These are barnacles, they adhere to any surface and make use of a sticky substance that was inspiration for the discovery of crazy glue. These creatures live in colonies just like coral.
    Good shot Tania! 🙂

  2. I love the look of these baby barnacles. Close-up they make beautiful abstract shapes. Many years ago I used them as an inspiration for a painting. thanks for the visual reminder Tania. hope the birthday weekend is going well!

  3. YEP! They are barnacles. “Percebes” (in Spanish) are quite a delicacy in Spain. Not that easy to find on a menu and quite expensive. Fishy taste. Certainly not for everybody. I still remember them though from tasting them in Madrid a million years ago!

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