Thorny Branches, Gunnersbury Park, London


14 thoughts on “Thorny Branches, Gunnersbury Park, London

  1. Tania,
    As a supportive member of your audience I think I speak for all of us when I ask, where all have you traveled and how did you accomplish this? I have been many places, but I am old enough to be your dad πŸ™‚

    • Hi Mike! You would be a very young dad to be fair!! Haha. Okay, well I did a 6 month around the Southern Hemisphere trip which I saved up for and booked the ticket when I was working in a shop in Norwich (It cost about Β£1700 for around 9 flights) then moved to London where I was lucky enough to have somewhere to stay rent-free for 9 months whilst I worked in a call centre and saved like mad – no luxuries whatsoever. The trip was London – South America – Fiji – New Zealand – Australia – Africa. This included Peru (Lima)- Equador (Guayaquil -32 hour bus journey that one!) – Galapagos Islands (AMAZING) – Equador (Quito) – Peru (Cuzco + Inca Trek + Arequipa) – Bolivia (La Paz + W’Worlds Most Dangerous Road Bike Ride + Salt-flats ‘Uyuni’) – Chile (Antofagasta + Santiago) – Fiji – New Zealand (Aukland + Christchurch + lots between – White Water Rafting, Pot-holing, Skydiving) – Australia (Sydney to Cairns + ‘Ayres Rock’ Uluru + Perth) – South Africa (Jo’Berg + Cape Town + Cage Dive Great Whites. Overland Cape Town- Victoria Falls Zimbabwe via Namibia + Botswana + Safaris). WOW that was a lot! Haha. Did a couple little Europe things after that and my ex won a Lonely Planet trip to Western Australia so I got to swim with a Whale Shark which was a dream of mine and I loved it so much, they are MAGNIFICENT creatures. Then last year went to Nepal which was awesome and great with my better camera – so colourful! That was 14 days and again manage to pack in a lot of stuff! That’s about it for now. Next big trip I want to save for is Cambodia September time if possible – I am yearning to see Angor Wat in real life….all those tree roots growing into those ruins like something out of Indiana Jones??? YES PLEASE!! My camera will love me for it too πŸ™‚

      • Yes, wow I am going to copy and paste that to a page so I can keep up with your history. You must tell more of these great stories. All of what you described is fodder for chapters and chapters of interesting material as well as your photos and art of course. Are you from Norwich? Are you still in London?
        We are heading to Thailand, Cambodia, and Malaysia in January. I think the weather may be a little intense in SE Asia for me in September πŸ™‚ Angkor Wat is also atop my list and I am still a little miffed I did not get there last year when I was right on the Vietnam and Cambodia Border. You may be older than you look and perhaps I am as well. I probably would have been a little young to be your dad unless we happened to be from the 19th century.
        Thank you for taking the time to write this. I am intrigued and inspired.

      • I am in London now, I was born in Robin Hood land (Nottingham). I work at the Natural History Museum which is a place I love – I remember it being where my dad took me when I was about 7 and seeing that big Diplodocus in the Central Hall and being in awe! Now when I see all the kids jaws drop as they stare up at Dippy or watch them imitate a dinosaur (usually involves ‘claw’ hands and obligatory roaring) to ‘challenge’ the beast it always makes me smile with nostalgia haha.

        Yes 19th Century I would probably be a grandmother or have died in childbirth by now…..they’d be no jetting off around the world that’s for sure! πŸ™‚

        Your trip sounds very exciting, imagine all the things you will see and how it will feel! I’m excited for you!

        Thanks for your visits, Mike, much appreciated…you are very inspiring for me πŸ™‚

      • I still like to make dinosaur roars and gestures. I lived for the museum as a kid and I would love to see the one that inspired you. Crazy as it may seem I have never spent any time in the UK. I have now met some wonderful people from your world and feel as though my time may be getting close to experience England first-hand

  2. That looks so totally wicked and beautiful at the same time. Would hate to forget where I was at in the dark and run into those. Yikes, serious damage there. That would be like getting thrown into a lions den. But even dangerous things can have a captivating beauty to them.

    • I couldn’t agree more Mike! Often dangerous things draw you in….that they are natures creations make them all the more captivating and interesting. I like finding beauty in the unusual / unconventional πŸ™‚

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