Quiver Tree, Blue Sky, Namibia


46 thoughts on “Quiver Tree, Blue Sky, Namibia

    • Hey! Not often enough! Ha. Well this was taken on the last leg of an ‘around the world’ 6 month trip I did of the Southern Hemisphere – I missed out on lots of places but also managed to cram in an astonishing amount of travelling and saw / did some utterly incredible, dream-fulfilling things…..I had been working in a shop when I finished Uni and I decided to save up and see the world. I bought the ticket (included flights for the whole trip) and then moved to London where I was lucky enough to live rent-free and had 9 months to save up working in a call centre and focussing on my goal – not spending money on anything I didn’t actually need in that time. I have also been to Australia – East, West and Uluru and Nepal….I am not on a great wage but I can be determined to save when I need to and also have had friends help me by putting me up cheaply since rent is the big money-eater πŸ™‚

      • I will be in Italy for almost 4 weeks in May. We move around often for Juliet’s work so I we have been in Colorado since last July and now we are thinking Los Angeles. We will also be in Malaysia and Thailand in the next 10 months (and hopefully France)..thanks for keeping the fire of travel so fresh in my mind with your posts

      • WOW awesome! Malaysia is somewhere I hope to visit when I go to Cambodia too! It is supposed to be incredibly beautiful πŸ™‚ It’s very cool that you get to travel a lot and it must give you lots of inspiration too

    • I can’t recommend it enough – I went on a 3 week overland tour from Cape Town to Vic Falls with Nomad Tours and had such an amazing time – highly recommended. It was in a truck so you obviously hope to be travelling with a great group and I was VERY lucky to have just that πŸ™‚

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