Kitten Hiding in a Tree, Turkey


36 thoughts on “Kitten Hiding in a Tree, Turkey

  1. Beatuiful in every way – the kitten, the leaves, the flowers, the combination of colors make you want to jump into the picture. We once had white, cross-eyed cat that climbed a tree in our yard and wouldn’t come down. The third day, my father threw a football while my mother and I held a blanket to catch him. He finally knocked him from the tree, bounced off the blanket, disappeared for another three days, and finally came home seeing straight.

  2. Had another experience with a different kitten. She climbed a very tall poplar tree in our yard in Pennsylvania. Woudn’t come down. My father got Seth Pancoast (“Panky”) the chief of the Broomall Volunteer Fire Department, to bring the hook and ladder fire truck. Pank hoisted the narrow latter to the tree. It barely reached the limb where the cat had perched, and was no more than a foot wide at the top, and said “Okay, Ken. YOU”RE cat.” The cat sunk his claws into Dad’s shirt and Dad brought him down. My hero!

  3. dear Tania: I love your eye. It looks like a scary planet that would blink back at you. The red spot of Jupiter lives. it looks like I could fly across it. I love kittens too. Especially in the morning. Take care Marc Marrs.

    • Hi Marc, thank you for stopping by! I’m glad you like me eye – it is funny to see yourself transformed with the paints – I too was a tad distrubed looking at them but that is also very cool I think. Kittens and puppies rock! Tan πŸ™‚

      • Tan, There is no doubt that you are cool. I’ll see you at the pool when things warm up. Keep feeling those colors. thanks for your reply.

  4. Beautiful picture!, The kitty blends in so well, you’d never know he’s up there just passing by. How did kitties get so small as compared to those in Africa or North America that hunt big game? Our kitty Slick is a champion mouser.

    • Evolution is a pretty amazing thing right?? I can barely get my head around it!! I am not a fan of the little ‘gifts’ kitties insist on bringing in the house! πŸ™‚

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