Nom, Road and Barbed Wire


20 thoughts on “Nom, Road and Barbed Wire

  1. Thanks, Tania. Very interesting piece. There’s too much barbed wire in the world. We get stuck on the side with the traffic and lose touch with nature to our own impoverishment. She looks agry because she can’t get out. Thnk of Abu Graib, think of news of an American soldier who went berserk, killing 16 civilians in Afghanistan. He, like those he killed, were behing the barbed wire on the “civilzed” side of the wire. As a theologian, I also see a “crown” of thorns (humiliation) in the barbed wire. As in all good pieces of art, the piece invites our imagination. thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Gordon, thank you for your interesting comment….I cannot say that I had thought of this interpretation in as much detail, although I felt that this particular composition and juxtaposition of potentially symbolic elements would definitely generate ideas, I could never have articulated them as well as you have here. I especially like the turn of phrase that a good piece of art ‘invites our imagination’ – this has really struck a chord with me. I want to invite people’s imagination very much so this is a great compliment for me, thank you! Hope you are having a good day, kind regards, Tan

      • This photograph does what good art always does. We see not only what the artist saw. Sometimes, maybe oftentimes, the artist is not consciously (or rationally) able to articulate that to which the photo gives expression. We make meaning in many ways. The most creative is reflection on creativiity itself.

  2. A most excellent theme and of course
    the perfection of the muse adds to this
    fine piece of artistry πŸ™‚ Well done…

    Androgoth Xx

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