Sketch #2, Pen and Ink


10 thoughts on “Sketch #2, Pen and Ink

  1. Arresting, as a policeman said to me the other day…

    Would be interested to know:

    1. Did you have a vision when you started, or were you ad-libbing all the way?

    2. Does it have a title?

    • Okay Mark, you asked for it:

      1. It started off life as a Ernst Haeckel Jellyfish (he did amazing drawings of natural forms) then I just doodled away….

      2. Not really. ‘Mangled Jellyfish-oodle’?? Ummm….’m not so good at titles 😉

  2. This is what I would call doodling with ink,
    well I am definitely no artist but I sometimes
    speculate in this fashion 🙂 Great work 🙂

    Androgoth Xx

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