Nom, in a Vandalised Playground


12 thoughts on “Nom, in a Vandalised Playground

  1. I like the way you managed to get the graffiti in there. Totally opposite message than Nom’s relaxed, peaceful posture. And the bear dress…it’s too cool! It needs it’s own TV show!

  2. What a jarring, arresting image: the juxtaposition of innocence and casual obscenity. You’ve captured the sad dichotomy of life in a single image. Very striking, Tan!

    Would be curious to know if you hired the model, and what inspired the shot.

    • I’m glad you think so Mr Strong arm! It worked well for me because this was when I had made my teddy-bear dress (from teddies the charity shops couldn’t sell because they didn’t have their safety labels) and was exploring themes of adolescence, loss of innocence and emerging sexuality. It made sense to try some photographs in the local kids park (my housemate Nom modelled for me and I modelled for her 50’s style ‘Betty Paige’ inspired shots in return) and as it happened it was quite grimy there – violated even (used condoms on the ground etc) and had this scrawl of ‘suck dick’ which as you say, served as a stark contrast with her innocent image. Thanks for your comments πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Tan

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