Mr Crab, Galapagos Islands


31 thoughts on “Mr Crab, Galapagos Islands

    • Haha! Thanks. Yes I’ve come across a few crabs legs in my time too. In Galapagos they were THRIVING and very much alive – it was fun trying to creep up on them to take pics before they scuttled away into their sandy hideouts 🙂

    • He was a bit smaller than my hand – there were so many of them….mostly all these bright orange ones which really stood out on the beach. They were fascinating to watch actually. Not quite as exciting as the Marine Iguanas though!

    • This one, believe it or not, was just a little Samsung (i85 I think) Digital camera. I was restricted my weight and risk of damage / theft on my 6 month round the world trip so I got this one for about £80 at the time and it served me well (I did take thousands of not-so-great pics too – some of them had to work out okay)! The camera survived my adventure – it went Sandboarding with me, Pot-holing, White Water Rafting, Sky-diving and even swimming with Great White Sharks! (in a waterproof cover) – but gave up the ghost after about a year back in England (battered and bruised, life suddenly seemed dull once ‘reality’ set in and my loyal travel companion finally croaked :(). The Nepal photos and other more recent ones are with my new partner in crime, the Nikon D60. Now that really was a relationship upgrade!!

  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! What vibrant eyes, with those buds at the top- such character in that wonderous visage of flaming red…marvelous animal. Aye, I love to stalk up to the various crabs, here. Will find a burrow and wait- sure enough, they pop out with those glorious eyes of marble gaping at me. They have such energy! Ah, Galapagos…I have long wished to go there, marvelous capture of a wonderous specimen of such a beautiful, rugged place!

      • Wow, I never noticed that before!! Now I see it, it seems so obvious – he has a black little stump and all. No wonder he looks so fed up! Poor thing lost a limb…do you suppose a predator tried to eat him and he escaped, but not completely in tact?? Oh no! I feel sorry for him now…

    • You should go to Galapagos…if you love wildlife and the natural world it’s the best! I was repeatedly reduced to a squeeking wreck of joy, so many take-your-breath-away sights to behold. Yes! crab-stalking….nothing beats it 😉 He is a very good looking fellow, I’m glad you like him too. Thanks for taking the time to say so 🙂

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