Seals Basking, Shark Alley, South Africa


12 thoughts on “Seals Basking, Shark Alley, South Africa

  1. Dramatic shot, with the stark realities of nature so present in those craggy formations, and that listless water seems like a sanctuary for ludic seals, an underwater world of play, of dancing light spilling through swirling sapphire, but there the danger lurks ever present, churning the waters- how unconcerned the seals seem, poised there, relaxed. One thing I love about animals is they always seem to know how to enjoy the present moment. Astounding colours, indeed, beautiful photo to reflect on the cycles of nature.

    • I love your observations here and beautifully poetic if I may say 🙂 I particularly agree with you that animals always seen to enjoy the present moment – we could all learn a lot from them I think! Thank you for your comments, much appreciated.

  2. I love the subtle radiance of the colors, and since there is no way to replicate the verbal mastery of smiling toad above, I’ll just say…there’s NO WAY I’m going to be swimming in there. At least not this week.

  3. Haha, yes! Smiling toad blew me away with those words of wisdom but where is he?? I cannot find his site, ’tis a shame 😦 Ah well, it’s funny you should say that because minutes after this shot was taken I was wet-suited up and plunged into the murky depths (or be it in a disturbingly flimsy cage!) to get up close and personal with the Great Whites themselves. It was intense! I loved it! One swept by – he was so big and those beady black eyes made him seem so unfriendly – eyeing us up as I do macaroons in those fancy French cafe’s on the way to work (they’re so expensive! – I can’t afford them!) – eerily gliding past the cage. As a memorable finale he suddenly appeared out of the misty blue directly in front of me, chomping jaws following the bait until he crashed into the cage, biting at it an inches from my face before disappearing again. AMAZING! Magnificent creatures…..

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