Fairy Drawing #2, Pencil and Ink


11 thoughts on “Fairy Drawing #2, Pencil and Ink

  1. Dashed wonderful! I love the shading of this, very smooth, and that keen expression. Very intriguing hibiscus design. Too exquisite!

    • Aww thanks πŸ™‚ Yes it’s me again. Always feel slightly more nervous about showing my drawings / paintings because it’s all me and it can make you feel ‘exposed’ especially if it’s not other people’s ‘cup of tea’. Whereas with my photographs, whilst I do have creative ideas, I know my fab camera does a lot of the hard work haha!! So that means a lot to me

  2. I can understand, but trust me, no need to feel any hesitation. You are clearly a wonderful and talented artist. I suppose others can have taste different than your work, but you simply cannot NOT appreciate how great your art is. Love all the fairy series (not your average fairies either!!!) … and can’ wait to see more! Your photos are equally stunning as well!

    • I feel humbled by your comments, a thousand thank yous for your support. I think this is a great way of getting your work out there even if you lack confidence because it’s not too scary plus everyone has been gentle with me so far πŸ˜‰ I do feel inspired because of it – I have another fairy drawing I’m working on for a colleague so hopefully more to show soon!!

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