Immie, Polka-Dot Dress and Sunglasses


4 thoughts on “Immie, Polka-Dot Dress and Sunglasses

  1. Tricky to post comments on this one. Well done balanced image that uses line and space . Very effective use of B &W with sharp detail. It is a posed subject, but the setting and the B&W tones suggest a documentary style. I would suggest trying some variations on the image. Adjust contrast and grain so that you get a soft dreamy glow emphasizing the foreground and the subject or make the grain and contrast sharp and severe. Both results will create very different mood and tone from this version and the three could combine into an intriguing sequence. If you are interested in exploring modifying your images in this way I would recommend VirtualPhotographer. It is very effective and FREE. As a school teacher I really appreciate useful software that is free. πŸ™‚ Now I must decide whether to send this link to my son, “The digital artist in training”.

  2. A deliciously offered photograph
    capturing the beauty of the subject
    and of course the artistry of this
    wonderful photographic piece πŸ™‚

    Artistically speaking, I really
    do like this one my friend…


  3. Love. The blurred background, nice touch, and the B&W sets it off nicely. I think the B&W is a great choice for this image, to me, since you see a lot of the shapes, patterns and textures; the hair, the dress, the sunglasses, the skin, the metal she’s leaning on. If there were lots of colors, it might drown out the richness of the B&W.

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